Freedom 970 Schedule

Time Show
6am-9am Kilmeade and Friends
9am-Noon Herman Cain
Noon-3pm Sean Hannity
3pm-6pm Mark Levin
6pm-9pm Lars Larson
9pm-Mid The Michael Savage Show
Mid-3am Red Eye Radio Network
3am-6am America’s Morning News
Time Show
Mid-5am Red Eye Radio Network
5am-6am Northwest Outdoor Adventures
6am-7am Watchdog on Wall Street
8am-9am Investing Simplified
9am-10am Winning Ticket
10am-Noon Financial Focus
Noon-3pm Sean Hannity Weekends
3pm-6pm Mark Levin Weekends
6pm-9pm John Batchelor Show
9pm-Mid Science Fantastic
Time Show
Mid-6am Red Eye Radio Network
6am-6:30am America This Week
6:30am-7am Public Affairs Half Hour
7am-10am The Drive
10am-11am Meet the Press
11am-1pm Real Estate Today
1pm-4pm Roger Hedgecock
4pm-6pm Beyond the Beltway
6pm-9pm Armed American Radio
9pm-Mid The John Gibson Show